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I’m a Husband, Father, Engineer, and Developer

Hi, My name is Bagus Facsi Aginsa, currently working at PT Telkom Indonesia as an Engineer. This website contains my knowledge as network engineer, sysadmin, as well as developer. My goal is to become a Solution Architect and I want this website to be a reminder for me what milestones I have passed from year to year as well as my place to share my knowledge with you all.

Hopefully you can find what you need here. Learn new knowledge, share with your friend, and start to innovate. Happy learning!

Technology Stacks

The above stack will definitely increase from time to time because we will always learn new things here. Let’s learn together here.

My Previous Projects

  1. Virtual Media Server
  2. Virtual CDN
  3. High Availability Load Balancer
  4. Service Monitoring
  5. Configuration Automation
  6. High Availability K8s Cluster Setup
  7. K8s Application Deploymnet
  8. Janus Conference Manager
  9. Website Caching
  10. Slack Notification
  11. Private Cloud Networking
  12. High Availability DB Setup

My Certificates

My Contact

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Bagus Facsi Aginsa